About the Night of the Refugee


The Dutch Refugee Foundation (Stichting Vluchteling) has organised the Night of the Refugee on the weekend before World Refugee Day every year since 2010. Thousands of participants walk through the evening or night to raise money for emergency aid needed around the world and raise awareness of the plight of people escaping conflict, war or climate change.

The Night of the Refugee is a night of solidarity, challenging kilometres and extraordinary encounters. Participants can register individually, or together as a family, a group of friends, a company or school. Some of those walking have their own refugee story to tell (our Night ambassadors!) and some participating organisations are involved with refugees. Each walk is full of beautiful encounters and conversations.


As an emergency aid organisation, the Dutch Refugee Foundation has been helping people escaping some of the world’s worst humanitarian crises for many years. We work with local partners to provide life-saving aid to refugees and displaced persons in over thirty countries. With the money raised last year we helped, among others, to restore wells in drought-stricken Somalia, giving people access to clean (drinking) water. We also provided food aid for people fleeing the war in Ukraine as well as supplying medical supplies to Syria.

To find out more about how funds raised in previous years have been spent, take a look on this special page.

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