Help out as a volunteer!

The Night of the Refugee relies on volunteers. We need enthusiastic people who can help make this an unforgettable experience for thousands of participants. 10, 20 or 40 kilometres: participants need the support of our volunteers to reach the finishline! 

Yes, count me in!

What to expect?

We will take good care of you during the Night of the Refugee. Your efforts are worth a lot to us! We can promise you a Night full of positivity and beautiful encounters. Prior to the Night, the volunteer coordinator will be available for any questions you might have. Any travel expenses you might make will be refunded.

What can you help us with?

In total we need around 500 volunteers on our routes, spread over 10 different cities. Anything is possible: for example: come and help for a few hours on Saturday to help set everything up or serve coffee at a rest point to help the participants get through the toughest hours of the night.

You can register for the following teams:

Help team

Together with a buddy you drive through the night to pick up participants who cannot walk any further or encourage them where necessary 😊. In between you help at various locations on your route.

Location team

Help at a start, rest or finish location, including:

  • Setting-up and taking down (for example; hanging beach flags and signs, preparing starting cards and medals)
  • Registration of participants or handing out coffee, tea and snacks
  • Manage the Nightshop (for the sellers among us!)
  • Stamp starting tickets or hand out medals/pins

Route team (for a fee)

Everything that is involved in the smooth course of the route, including:

  • Marker: marking the route(s) on Friday and/or Saturday
  • Leader: walk or cycle ahead of the first participant. You do the final check on the route and clarify it where necessary
  • Tail runner: walk or cycle behind the last participant and retrieve arrows.

Make the Night even more fun and register with your best friend, brother, colleagues or neighbor! 

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